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The Box

Are you allowed to put premium wines in a box?

The box keeps out more oxygen than corks. The BPA-free food grade plastic we use has no impact on the wine flavor or aroma. Boxed wine is much more convenient, less expensive and a more environmentally friendly way to drink great wine.

How long does the wine stay fresh after opening?

Gratsi tastes great up to 30 days after opening.

How many bottles of wine per box?

Each 3 liter box of Gratsi contains 4 bottles of wine which is around 20 glasses.

Does the box have an affect on the taste?

No! The BPA-free, food-grade plastic bag has no impact on the wine. If you tried the same wine from a bottle and from a box, you wouldn’t know the difference.

Is it recyclable?

Yes! The wine and shipping boxes are recyclable. Simply put them in with your cardboard recyclables. The inner bag can be recycled in some areas. You'll need to check with your service provider. If so, cut the top of the bag when finished and give it

What makes boxes more sustainable than glass?

Boxed wine reduces the carbon footprint by over 85%!. Glass, in theory, is infinitely recyclable. However, in practice, only 33% of glass in the US actually is. Glass bottles are made in huge furnaces that take a lot of energy to operate. And most ma