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What makes boxes more sustainable than glass?Updated a year ago

Boxed wine reduces the carbon footprint by over 85%!

Glass, in theory, is infinitely recyclable. However, in practice, only 33% of glass in the US actually is. 

Glass bottles are made in huge furnaces that take a lot of energy to operate. And most manufacturers keep their furnaces running all year because of the time it takes to heat them to production temps.

Glass is also very heavy so transporting it takes a lot of energy. Since the majority of glass isn’t produced in the US, getting it here has a real impact.

We use corrugated cardboard with natural inks. It is easily recyclable and even when not, biodegrades within weeks.

Our bags are recyclable in certain areas, BPA-free and food-grade. They also transport extremely efficiently due to their light weight and small volume when empty.

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