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How does shipping work during the summer months?Updated 24 days ago

To protect wine integrity during the summer months, orders placed after 5pm EST Wednesday will ship out on Monday. Reusable ice packs are included in shipments as a precaution. Ice packs may be melted upon arrival, but don’t fret. These keep your wine cool for most of the journey. 

Subscribers can avoid shipping delays by setting your next delivery date to a Monday or Tuesday. Manage Subscription

📦 Tip: Switch to UPS Store Pick-up 

During summer, missed deliveries can result in spoiled wine. Consider switching from home delivery to a UPS Store near you. Contact [email protected]  with your preferred location, and we'll get you set up! 

*Fees apply at some pick-up locations.

🚚 Tip: Track with UPS My Choice 

Sign up for a UPS My Choice account to get real-time delivery notifications.

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