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The Basics

What is Gratsi?

Gratsi is premium boxed wine from independent winemakers. We source award-winning wines from the best small producers in Washington. Our wines are all grown and produced in Washington state, within the greater Columbia River and Yakima Valleys. All a

Who are your winemakers?

At Gratsi we believe that every wine has a story. Our winemakers believe in minimal intervention winemaking, and we prioritize wine producers that use sustainable farming practices. Gratsi wines are made in Prosser, WA where vineyards and farms line

What is Gratsi’s criteria for selecting wines?

Quality: Our wines are vintage (year), varietal (grape type), and often vineyard specific. Wines that represent a time and place that the winemaker is proud to put their name on, not white-labeled bulk juice hidden by a fancy label. Values: Our winem