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What's so special about Gratsi?

At Gratsi we believe that the way wine is made matters. 

Our wines are all made with minimal intervention and without the use of unnatural or unnecessary ingredients. You won't find any fillers or additives that many conventional wines have (colorings, flavorings, fining agents, thickeners, gums, etc... the list goes on). There are over 70 ingredients that are allowable by the FDA that don’t need to be disclosed by wine companies - we don’t use any of them. Our wines are grown and cellared organically. We add yeast during fermentation & minimal sulfites to keep the wines stable in their package.

Our wines are sustainably made, pesticide free, low in sugar, vegan, gluten free, and paleo and keto friendly.

Try a box of our Old Country Red or our Old Country White. Whether this is your first bag-in-box wine or whether you’ve tried a few, we think you’ll love it. And as an added bonus, when you enjoy a wine that’s low in sugar, affordable, and sustainably made, it’s a choice that you can feel great about enjoying.

Read more about our process here.

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