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What's in your wine?

We like to keep things simple. 

Our wine contains: 

  • Organically grown grapes
  • Minimal sulfites 
  • Yeast


Our grapes are grown organically with no pesticides and we always source wines that are free of chemical additives and low in residual sugars.


The important thing to know is that ALL wines contain sulfites, occurring naturally and/or added during the winemaking process. The sulfites in Gratsi wines are almost completely naturally occurring, existing in the grape skins themselves and we keep our SO2 levels well under the allowable organic maximums. We add the least amount possible to keep them package-stable, using minimal intervention throughout the process.


We use the following non-GMO yeasts in our wines during fermentation. All yeasts are x-flow filtered out when finishing the wine, plus they go through a second filtration during the packaging process.

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