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What's in your wine?

We like to keep things simple. Our wine contains:. Grapes. Our grapes are grown organically with no pesticides and we always source wines that are free of chemical additives and low in residual sugars. Sulfites. The important thing to know is that AL

Are Gratsi wines lower in sugar than other wines?

Yes! Our wines have far less sugar than many wines in the market. Our wines only contain naturally occurring fructose (no added sucrose here) and range between 0.2 - 2 grams per liter (0.035 - 0.2g per glass), which is low by comparison to many compa

How much wine is in each box?

Our boxes contain three liters of wine per unit, which is the equivalent of four standard-sized bottles of wine.

How long do your wines stay fresh?

Our wines stay fresh after opening for at least 30 days after the first pour. After 30 days the wine is still great, it just starts to lose some brightness.

Do I need to keep the wine boxes in the fridge or can they be stored at room temperature?

You can store our wines at room temperature, preferably below ~78 degrees, before and after you open them. The best practice for all wine is to never store in high temperatures or below freezing as this can change the structure of the wine. A good ru

Do Gratsi wines contain sulfites?

The important thing to know is that ALL wines contain sulfites, occurring naturally and/or added during the winemaking process. The sulfites in Gratsi wines are almost completely naturally occurring, existing in the grape skins themselves and we keep

Do you have nutritional information available?

Yes! Here are the details:. Old Country Red: *per 6 ounces (1 glass)Alcohol by volume: 13.5%*Fructose(RS) from grapes (g): 0.2*Carbs (g): 0.2*Calories (kcal): ~120 (calculated from alcohol %)Fat: 0Protein: 0. Old Country White: *per 6 ounces (1 glass